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Elevate Music Group

We're about raising the bar culturally, morally, spiritually, intellectually and musically. We are a dignified movement that strives for excellence…we're smart and honest enough to know we don't know everything, but daily we become more knowledgeable. By having this frame of mind it allows growth; innovative thinking and an uncompromising willingness to learn and succeed.

Established in late 2011 in Miami, Florida by co-founder and founder Winston "BlackOut" Thomas and Louis Massaro. The two set out to change the status quo of the music industry by not mimicking the practices of producing 'carbon copies' of current artist.

We're setting out to re-define music with the brand of artist's we will be gearing up to release. Our goal is to be creative and having a reputation for releasing high quality of music and creating a brand of life style. In part, we feel there are no boundaries in music and we plan to set our own trends by releasing timeless classic music.

Elevate Music Group will also take on certain initiatives such as joint ventures, going green, crisis response and taking part in various charities. We're not just a record label, but also a movement that promotes the positive and a higher state of being. We're sincere and enthusiastic about our endeavors and that will be evident through our work ethic and perseverance.

Stay tuned!
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